Career Profile

Software Development has had a paramount role in improving the lives of millions of people, even more so since the popularization of the internet. But there’s still a lot left to do. Whilst the technical aspects are fundamental, it’s important to always keep in mind the human and organizational interactions that transform software into something useful, safe and beautiful. That’s why I’m passionate not only about creating software, but also helping other people’s develop their careers and learning a lot along the process, evidenced by the array of technology stacks that I’ve worked with throughout my career.

As an Individual Contributor, I’ve built a strong reputation of creating robust, stable, world-class software solutions during the last 12+ years. I specialize in best practices, accessibility security, automation and telemetry. I have considerable experience in the Travel, Finance and Telecommunication industries.

From a leadership standpoint, I help build and grow quality-driven, goal-oriented units that deliver value, embrace measurable results, and collaborate effectively with partners. My teams help customers achieve more, stakeholders be more effective, and fellow engineers become more productive, empowered and happier.


Team Lead

2018 - Present
Points International, Toronto

As a Team Lead, I help build our platform, on-boarding new partners/tenants, and improving our product and team overall. Primarily, but not exclusively

  • React
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Postgres
  • AWS

In addition to my Individual Contributions, I tap on my experience and help our amazing team by

  • Empowering developers in their professional growth
  • Alleviating the team by triaging hot issues
  • Tackling yak shaving and the most mundane problems, so they can hack and have fun
  • Document standards, functional knowledge and complex parts
  • Help further connecting and bridging our geographically distributed team and stakeholders

Software Engineer 2

2012 - 2018
Microsoft, Vancouver


  • Main owner and responsible for article and gallery experiences for horizontals like mobile, accessibility, telemetry and others.
  • Full redesign of our mobile article and gallery experiences, emphasizing performance, clarity and homogeneity with other Microsoft products and design language
  • Improve the accessibility of MSN for users with visual and physical disabilities (narrators, colour contrast, keyboard-based navigation, etcetera)
  • Improve the mobile web MSN experience in areas such as article readers and slideshows
  • Cross-team collaboration to create modules and sections for enhanced re-circulation and personalization -aiming towards increased monetization and user satisfaction
  • Feature development and bug fixing using Microsoft stack and standard web technologies
  • Live site support
  • Android app automation
  • Travel web automation
  • Telemetry and customer experience owner for MSN News and MSN Money / Finance
  • Office 365 Data Center security - Access Control. Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment / Compliance automation

Senior Software Engineer

2011 - 2012
Nearsoft / Switchfly, Hermosillo, MX

Contribute to the design and implementation of our travel & loyalty solution, mostly but not limited to our Java / POJO backend.

  • Gather requirements and implement loyalty programmes, using connectors in our extensible core API
  • Gather requirements and implement Single Sign On functionality for end-users, through SAML and integration with our partners’ identity provider services
  • Contribute to the development and bug fixing of our web frontend, using CFML / Railo, JavaScript, among others

Senior Software Engineer

2010 - 2011
PCS Mexico, Mexico City

Create elegant, high performing solutions for our clients, leaders in the financial and telecom industries

  • Support, troubleshooting and new features for IXE online bank services
  • Rewrote the architecture for Telefonica Mexico company network service
  • Developed a help desk software hosted in several small companies
  • jQuery
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Tapestry

Engineering Manager and Consultant

2006 - 2010
Javanes Solutions, Mexico City

Research on new technologies for fast implementation

  • Managing a team with 2 Jr Developers, 2 Developers, 1 Infrastructure specialist and 2 QA graduates
  • Technical Leader and Project Manager on related developments
  • Sales and Pre Sales for extremely innovating projects
  • Technical guidance on high risk projects
  • Delivering several projects previously considered as ‘zombie’ projects
  • Sales and Pre Sales for new clients or previously angry or disappointed clients
  • Rewriting or improving legacy systems
  • Integrating complex architectures or low budget yet highly demanded applications
  • Java EE Best Practices and Design Patterns
  • Code Conventions, detailed documentation


Skills & Proficiency


Design Patterns








Ruby / Ruby on Rails